about dounyaRTIST

Art has been the heart of this Bay Area native, Dounya Serrano. Dounya has been surrounded by art from her diverse cultures and has influenced her to be curious and fearless in trying all kinds of arts.

Dounya has been mainly self-taught but has some actual schooling - several attempts at City College of San Francisco & City College of San Mateo. I love me Meetups, a group of artists getting together to paint, sketch and draw can teach you a lot about yourself and art!

"My main influences come from outer space; I am an avid admirer of physics and the cosmos. You'll always see a glimpse of this in my art."

Although her artwork has not been on television or has sold in private galleries (yet). She knows that this part of her Abouts page will change one day and will include many art adventures, galleries, collectors, clients an other artistic endeavors so keep an eye out for her because she is on fire.