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Abstract Nebula #1 – Referencing a nebula for an abstract – in the mind of an abstract/surreal artist

By February 28, 2019 August 25th, 2019 Art Blog

I love space, nebulas, colorful things like sunsets and reflecting water and eyes. There is so much out there that you can “reference” to when starting an abstract. The listed items are just a few of my own references to when I start an abstract, whether it is something I remember in my head or a picture I come across and love something about it – composition, color, placement or feeling it brings me.

In this particular marker art painting/drawing I came across a nebula that I loved the colors and composition of and inspired me to do a small abstract piece. From the initial picture of the nebula I took some of the colors I saw from the nebula and grabbed a marker that looked similar and marked the paper with it somewhere along the same “spot” as on the picture. I did the same for 3-5 more colors, trying not to over lap them too much.

At this point I put the picture of the nebula away and played with colors that I knew would go together and that would contrast each other. 

All in all, this one is my favorite nebula inspired piece so far 🙂 Enjoy!

*** Tips: I had a separate piece of paper on the side that I marked on before I marked my final piece. Mixing colors and testing placements so I wouldn’t regret any marks I would make on my final piece.