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Using Prismacolor Markers and Pencils for the 1st time

By January 20, 2019 August 25th, 2019 Art Blog

Hola 🙂 How have you been? Good good!

Today I will be over my experiences with prismacolor markers 72 count.

I recently posted my experiences on a water based marker set that I used to sketch a few pieces that came out interesting. That experience encouraged me to purchase the prismacolor marker.

I had so much fun with the water based markers, I thought I would see how I would do with an alcohol based one like the prismacolor markers.

I had no idea which direction I wanted to start with … should I go with a flower or a succulent? My husband then walked by and I asked him to make me an expressive face, he thought it would be funny and a picture I snapped LOL.

I sketched the face he made with giggles and glee and with so much fun and anticipation I finished my sketch in about half an hour.

The first marker I grabbed tapped to be a light blue and with the face he made I  thought it fitted the “theme” he created, going along with the giggles and glee I yanked the marker top open and swished the first stroke on the page.

I played around with the light colors around the highlight areas and admit I started to get frustrated with my progress. After all, I never had used alcohol based markers before so this is a learning process for me.

I needed a break, so I set my sketchbook aside and went to the kitchen and grabbed my favorite overwatch mug and made myself a nice cup of chia tea. Added some milk and sugar and made it “fancy” chia tea LOL. I started to skim through Pinterest looking at prismacolor marker art and other peoples tips and techniques and saw many tips to use prismacolor pencils along side with the markers. Hmmm, time to give that a try as I have had some since high school!

I quickly sipped my delicious “fancy” tea and grabbed the color pencils and went back to my sketchbook. I started little by little marking the page with the marker and then with the pencil that matched or was complimentary or high/low lighted the color. It was working for what I wanted to accomplish.

It took me 2-3 days 4-5 hours each day to finish the sketch, it was more detailing and experimenting on what the color pencils and the markers did with each other. There were times were the markers bleed through the paper and times were there was soo much color pencil layers that the markers smeared on top. I was taking mental notes on how they interacted and which interactions I liked and which ones I didn’t.

Alcohol Marker Tips:

  • Start with super light colors
  • Use paper that is the least absorbent and least bleed
  • The same color can be “layered” on top of itself as a highlight
  • Add darker colors as you are close to a finish because you cannot erase or mark over most darker marks.

Color Pencil with Marker Tips:

  • Use the color pencil like a blending tool
  • White, peach, light pink can be a great highlighting tool on top of darker markers
  • Pencils can be blended/feathered easier than the markers and manipulated with the blending pencil