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Sketching with 24 pc Brush Tip Pens I bought on Amazon for $8.99

By December 12, 2018 August 25th, 2019 Art Blog

I have been wanting to use brush tip markers for a long time but never had the money to get the ones that look good and that act like paints like copic ... so on a whim I bought a pack called Sttye on Amazon, details listed below.

As I have never used any markers since grade school, it took me some time to get used to moving from painting into a new art medium on this first sketch.

Along with the brush tip markers, I used a watercolor brush to push the paint around a bit like watercolors (I hoped). The watercolor brush did move the color around but it did take alot of water and bleed through the paper.

With this one only I tried a white gel pen on top hoping to add a highlight to the sketch and used the watercolor brush to push the white gel around a bit and although it’s not my favorite rose I have ever made, I am quite happy with what I can do with a handful of cheap markers, some focus and lots of fun.


This girl was soooo fun to sketch!!!! Found a beautiful girl on Pintrest one day and this day I decided I was going to reference her for this sketch. The look she gave … the lips she has … divine …. oh yea back to art —>

So still using the Sttye brush tip markers for this sketch and using micron black fine tip pen for the black details at the end. I used the same techniques as the flower above but this time I had practice from the flower. I tried mixing it up a bit with colors and brushing the brush directly on the markers brush tip first then applying it on the paper for the softer parts. For the most part It kinda worked, but still bleed through the paper. I did not use the white gel pen at all for this sketch.

Did I mention I love this girl muah!

So I think after the last two sketches I was getting used to the pens a little more and decided to step it up a bit and do something more bold. I picked a picture of bunch of flowers my hubby gave me and sketched away, when I was ready to put marker to paper I just said I was going to wing it and just have fun! Boy I did! The more I stroked the better it got, i did still use the watercolor brush but not as often and used more colors on top of each other than I did on the other 2 sketches. It felt more like painting 🙂 I look forward to using more brush tip markers and look forward to showing you more of what I sketch.

Do you have a favorite cheap marker you use? have you had good or bad experiences? I would love to hear them 🙂 Have fun sketching!


Sttye Water-Based Brush Tip Markers

Amazon $8.99 - 24 colors

Xpassion 3-Piece Water Brush Pen Set, White

Amazon $8.99 - 3 pack

Sakura 37488 Gelly Roll Classic 08 (Medium Pt.) 3PK Pen, White

Amazon $3.14 - 3 pack

Micron Pen 005

bought in a pack of 6 different sizes around $10