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Commissions – References …. B&W Cow, Expressive eyes & color purple somewhere in painting were the references

By December 22, 2018 August 25th, 2019 Art Blog

Hola fellow blartannier -blog and art explorer – (hmmm did that make sense, ohh well). Today’s bleeorg is about my process in this cow commission that I was asked to do.

My client had 3 request:

– Main content is Black and White Cow

– Expressive Eyes

– Somewhere/Anywhere there has to be purple

My client was so adorable explaining how his wife just loved black and white cows and has all kinds of tchotchkes of cows all around their house and would love to add to her collection with some canvas art.

He had seen a painting I did of a giraffe and said he had loved the expressive features of it and asked if I could do this cow for him.

Of course I said I would be delighted! I had full reign of all the details other than the 3 points he gave me above 🙂

As free as this sounds it is also terrifying and a dreadful feeling of pressure fell over me on how important this piece will be for him … and me. In the media gallery along with this blog you will see my journey on layering and building this commission.

I started first with researching cows on pintrest and google. I have so many saved cows on pintrest that I get cows on my daily feed hehehehe. But I found 3 cows that I loved their expressions, faces and snouts on each one of their faces and took pieces from each of them and sketched a cow.

Happy with a sketch the following week I traced it on tracing paper with pencil and with a piece of carbon paper I drew/copied it onto a primed canvas. This way I can spend less time on resketching and more time on painting. I started with a soft color underpainting, trying to build up layers and to see where I wanted place the thicker brush strokes.

I already knew that I wanted to have a base that was light as the black would be difficult to layer and highlight and lowlight as I layered. I started using purples, reds and blues mixed with black as the under layers of the black to use as the highlight and lowlight instead of grey to add a different tone to the black. I am a very colorful painter and didn’t think grey alone would be my style and I was right. I love the use of the colors instead of grey and will use this method in the future for contrast against black again.

I had a thought to have a field of purple flowers in the background for the splash of obvious purple and after some tweeking I think it came out really adorable. I winged the background and was worried the first 2-3 layers I made for the fields and the hills but after more layers and layers, i would say 7-10 layers the fields and hills started to come alive. .   .     .     .

” The Hilllllllssssss arrrreeee alive with sound of paaaaainting  ……. AAAAA HHH AAAAAA HHHH AHAH”

……. …  . . . sorry about that had to do it.

I added blades of grass in front of the cow as it was a little off with the cow so close to the foreground and the field and hills so far from the cow and I think the blades of grass fixed the issue I saw with my eyes and perspective.

Now to let it dry and wrap it in wax paper and wrapping paper to gift to my client 🙂

I almost don’t want to give it to them its so cute

… Thanks for reading through my art journey and have a wonderful day!